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Oklahoma City chooses developer for downtown housing and retail project

The largest of four housing projects proposed to be built next to the future Omni Hotel was chosen Wednesday by the Oklahoma City Urban Renewal Authority as it proceeds with an unprecedented effort to build a public parking garage wrapped with apartments and retail.

The winning team, Rose Rock Development Partners, was chosen unanimously as conditional developer for the city-owned southwest corner of E.K. Gaylord Boulevard and the Oklahoma City Boulevard...


Downtown Digs: Oklahoma City seeks to boost supply of affordable housing

As an employee making $11 an hour at downtown restaurant NEBU, John Doyle considers himself fortunate to work for an employer that provides health insurance and a 401(k) retirement plan.

Over the past couple of years, he has been able to buy a used car after relying on public transit for years to get around Oklahoma City. But with rising rents and a rapid loss of older, affordable housing in the urban core, it's still a stretch for Doyle and his co-workers to make ends meet...


OKC Central: Downtown disruption comparable to 1970s

Even as streetcar construction finishes up downtown, a gathering of Rotary 29 members was warned Tuesday the large swath of land between Interstate 40, Reno Avenue, Bricktown and Farmers Market that is referred to as Core to Shore will be a mess for at least the next couple of years…


City expects benefit in convention center parking shift

The city of Oklahoma City anticipates a net gain in revenue from the new convention center parking garage despite Omni Hotels & Resorts' decision to renege on its commitment for spaces…


Art Deco redux: Work gets underway on Adams Building renovation

Work is underway on a major renovation project to transform an historic downtown building into apartments.

Local officials on Friday celebrated the start of construction to transform the Adams Hotel into a 65-unit apartment building…


2019: Here’s how the local economy will grow next year, according to area leaders

As 2018 comes to a close, we asked local business and nonprofit leaders to look ahead at 2019 to see what they are expecting in the new year.

For many, “growth” is the key word for their industry. Whether they are expanding their business or services or looking for a resurgence, most are excited about what the future holds for the local economy…


New housing rising in downtown Oklahoma City

New housing complexes are going in on almost every side of downtown Oklahoma City.

Scott Moehlenbrock, a vice president with Rose Rock Development Partners, said it's an appealing area to them…